Improving Value By Adding Safety

Everything counts in large amounts – Depeche Mode

It’s hard to be flawless in human endeavors. You can bowl a perfect game, throw one in baseball, or get the equivalent in the NFL if your quarterback rating hits 158.3. Athletes who reach high performance levels get rewarded handsomely.

Hypernomics finds there is money in approaching perfection in transportation, too. In 2019, the National Safety Council found the lifetime odds of dying was 1 in 543 as a pedestrian and 1 in 107 in a car crash. But the NSC found the chances of dying in a plane crash too low to calculate.

The Tupolev Tu-204 series (A) has an excellent safety record. It holds more passengers than the Boeing 737 NextGen line (B) and goes faster. But it sells for less than NextGen and has made far fewer sales.

While Boeing’s huge network figures into these results, so, too, does its outstanding safety record. As we see in C, the B737-800 has greater than an order of magnitude reduction in hull losses than the Tu-204. It’s better than its predecessor, the B737-500. It took Boeing time and effort to get that safe. Now they are reaping the rewards.

You may not attain perfection, but it pays to try.

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Multidimensional Economics

Multidimensional Economics lends itself to making solid models of markets.

This solid 4D model of the S&P 500 comes from the data in the previous post.  Every yellow point in the green Value Space has a matching white point on the red Demand Plane.

Solid 4D models let users get a feel for their markets.  Here, the four dimensions are 1) Market Cap, 2) Return on Assets (ROA), Price, and Quantity (Volume).

Generically, they are 1) Valued Feature 1, 2) Valued Feature 2, 3) Price and 4) Quantity.


US Patent 10,402,838

The USPTO just awarded my team and me at MEE Inc. (now Hypernomics, Inc.) US Patent 10,402,838 for Multivariable Regression Analysis.

This is the first software designed to decode 4D market systems.  Time adds a 5th dimension.