Multidimensional Economics

Multidimensional Economics lends itself to making solid models of markets.

This solid 4D model of the S&P 500 comes from the data in the previous post.  Every yellow point in the green Value Space has a matching white point on the red Demand Plane.

Solid 4D models let users get a feel for their markets.  Here, the four dimensions are 1) Market Cap, 2) Return on Assets (ROA), Price, and Quantity (Volume).

Generically, they are 1) Valued Feature 1, 2) Valued Feature 2, 3) Price and 4) Quantity.


US Patent 10,402,838

The USPTO just awarded my team and me at MEE Inc. (now Hypernomics, Inc.) US Patent 10,402,838 for Multivariable Regression Analysis.

This is the first software designed to decode 4D market systems.  Time adds a 5th dimension.