Abiding By Minimums

One bourbon, one scotch, one beer – George Thorogood

In addition to all the great music he made, George Thorogood knew when he wasn’t drinking alone, he could move it on over to his local tavern and abide by their two-drink minimum.

Bar owners found enforcing that requirement necessary to keep them in business when they had entertainment. Who wants free riders when you can find those who will pay?

Hypernomics knows that minimum requirements are just as crucial as those dealing with maximums. Businesses go under if they don’t make enough sales – we’ll have more on that in the future.

Military forces have similar considerations. The United States Air Force found that spreading their aircraft around gave them more flexibility to fly to distal locations. They typically group aircraft into squadrons of 12 or 24 planes. But, when it came to the B-2, they found themselves at a loss.

As its price soared past the $330M/unit limit backing the 132 bombers they wanted, they got 21 B-2s at $1.2B each instead. With so few, they put them all at a single site, Missouri’s Whiteman Air Force Base, losing flexibility and response time in the process.

Too often, as we try to get everything we want, we lose sight of what we need.

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