Lost In Place

Danger Will Robinson!
Lost In Space TV series

Hypernomics wants to know: Where are we?

Concerning geolocation, it’s an easy question today. Google can map your global spot within a couple of feet. Thanks to modern navigation techniques, going through the western end of the English Channel is trivial now. But it wasn’t always so.

On October 22, 1707, Sir Cloudesley Shovell led a British fleet to that opening, hove-to, and tried to get his bearings. It was about 4:00 PM. Clouds obscured the sky as the seas rolled in a heavy storm, making latitude readings from an astrolabe inaccurate. Most of his compasses didn’t work. The chronometers eventually used to help fix longitude were years away. Not recognizing his true position was far from his calculated one, he ordered the fleet to sail at about 6:00 PM. Two hours later, the Scilly disaster took his life and 1400 to 1800 others. It led to a series of Longitude Acts, which developed sea-worthy timepieces to avoid such fiascos in the future.

When your life depends on it, you need to know where you are.

When your product is at stake, you need to find what promises clear sailing. Hypernomics helps you find your proper heading and bearings.

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