A New Twins Thought Experiment

The formulation of a problem is often more essential than its solution
Albert Einstein

Einstein performed a thought experiment in which he imagined one of a pair of twins traveling near the speed of light while the other remained fixed on Earth. The faster twin, he stated, would age less quickly due to time dilation. Experimentation proved his theory with a pair of synchronized clocks, one flying in a jet, the other on the ground, as the jet clock recorded less time. This theory is the basis of GPS.

That method applies to my discovery of Hypernomics. I imagine one twin (A) plotting the 1) horsepower, 2) range, and 3) prices of electric cars. Meanwhile, in (B), her sister plots the 4) quantities sold and 3) prices of those models. In (C), I observed that as (A) and (B) have the same vertical axis, they combine to form a 4D system, where statistically significant relationships form on both sides, linking the opposing forces of Value and Demand. These forces have worked for all markets since the beginning of markets.

Einstein didn’t open a relativity shop for his theory. But you can apply these 4D methods and many more to your business problems, as my revolutionary book, Hypernomics (D), describes.