The Tech Ketchup

I had the good fortune to be invited to be on an episode of The Tech Ketchup Show- A Nerd For Tech Originals.

They say this about that:

“The episode features Douglas Howarth, CEO of MEE, Inc. In this episode, he walks us into the story that motivated him to solve the interesting problem of visualizing high-dimensional data.

This episode will give you an experience and motivation that will last with you for a long time and help you execute your plans.

Link to original show:

Thanks again to my friends at Nerd For Tech!!

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Interview: LA40 – “Life After 40” Market Place Mysteries, Episode 57 (Full Show)

This week on the talk show LA40 – “Market Place Mysteries”

As a consumer, have you ever wondered if the product you are buying is worth what you are paying for it?  Or perhaps as a supplier, do you question if you’re offering your product at the right price?  With new technology that is lifting the secret veil of value – which has always been in site – CEO & Founder Doug Howarth of the company Multidimentional Economic Evaluators, Inc. is showing us how to taking the mystery out of the market place.  Join Doug and LA40 talkshow host Katerina Cozias as they get down and dirty about breaking the law of supply and demand and ushering in the new dawn for economic paradigms with the law of “value and supply”.