Same Function, Different Form, Same Equation

California sunlight / Sweet Calcutta rain / Honolulu starbright / The song remains the same.
Led Zeppelin

Modern surveillance demands a lot of different platforms. The Russians run ELectronic INTelligence (ELINT) satellites over Hawaii, California, and the rest of the US (A). Western forces must get the same insight to be as well-informed.

We can get this data from airborne platforms outside of manned systems (such as the U-2 Dragon Lady, the E-3 Sentry, and the E-2C Hawkeye) by using satellites and Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAVs).

It turns out we can predict the Value (sustainable price) of Western Bloc satellites and UAVs using the same equation. In (B), with 30 Sats on the left and 30 UAVs on the right, we predict the Value of the US Mercury ELINT satellite using an equation considering 1) Payload, 2) Max MPH, 3) Altitude, and 4) Quantity sold. The Israeli Orbiter UAV (C) estimate using the same equation is highlighted in (D). With an adjusted R2 of 96.1%, its p-value is 8.83E-39.

As you might imagine, the Inner and Upper Demand Frontiers for these devices are highly correlated, too, giving direction on purchases.

More on that in another post.